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Visit us for a rehearsal

We welcome anyone who can carry a tune. All you really need is to be able to sing in tune and to have the desire to create and perform fantastic four-part a cappella harmony.

For details about our rehearsals and to contact us before a visit, check out our Meetup group.

Bring your voice and enthusiasm

It helps if you can read music, but it's not necessary. Many of our current members learn their words and notes using audio .mp3 "learning tracks" on their computers or cell-phones. The Chorus provides sheet music and learning tracks for all our songs.

When you visit, we'll give you music to use and you'll be with others who sing the same part you're singing. You can visit several times before you audition to join the chorus.


Visit us at our home on the East Side

We meet nearly every Monday evening, 7-9:30 p.m. at Norman Thomas High School in Manhattan, located at 111 East 33rd Street, 10016. 

The school is on the northeast corner at Park Av. and East 33rd St.  The school's entrance is on E. 33rd St., about 200-feet east of Park Avenue.

​Before visiting, please let us know you're coming -- just in case it's a rare week off!


Let us know you're coming by contacting us through our Big Apple Chorus Meetup group.

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