For many people, when they hear "barbershop harmony," they see in their mind's eye Norman Rockwell's famous Saturday Evening Post cover picture of four men singing in a barbershop.

Well, barbershop singing did begin with the “quartet,” in which four people (a tenor, a lead, a baritone and a bass) sing the four distinct notes that comprise a barbershop chord.

Over the years, however, the “barbershop chorus” developed, in which there are four groups (or sections) of singers, and each section sings one of the four notes that comprise the barbershop chord.

Since the Big Apple Chorus is one of the premier barbershop choruses in the country, it’s no surprise that some of its members sing in quartets as well, where the responsibility for each note in the barbershop chord rests solely on each of the four men in the quartet.

The Big Apple Chorus is happy to have some of its members singing in quartets:

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Cecil Brown - Lead

Joe Hunter - Baritone

John Ward - Tenor

Dan Rowland - Bass